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© 2004 SilverGrey was the first to introduce film production in Saudi Arabia, and due to the absence of local broadcast networks and cinema, focus naturally shifted to private sector, a market long desired local quality-productions; and despite the accompanying challenges in any emerging market, the company managed to maintain a reputation that firmly stood for delivering international standard products and services..

SilverGrey is engaged in all phases of the filmmaking process, from development to production; and in over a decade, have built a global network of industry partners and artists, allowing us to promptly assemble crews, for any magnitude production.

Saudi Arabia is on the cusp of transformation under the leadership of revered King Salman. The presented promising vision clearly establishes entertainment as a driving force of the new economy; and with cinema seemingly around the corner, the company produced and collaborated on a slate of award winning feature films and shorts in the few recent years; with a brilliant line-up currently in development phase.



SilverGrey, I wanted to thank you for the amazing work and your ongoing support in making “A Hologram for the King” a Saudi Arabian

experience! The material produced in Saudi is simply excellent. I am sincerely very grateful, and I know that the whole team have worked very hard

to make this shoot as rich as possible. Thank you SilverGrey. I look forward to watching the movie soon with you all!

Tom Tykwer, Berlin, Germany, 2014


It was September in 2007 and I was booked for a monstrous project in Saudi Arabia. 19 commercials, 47 days of shoot, 3 months of traveling crisscrossing the all arab peninsula, total of 36000 kilometers. The film industry in the country was at its birth, so, I had no expectations set! As it unfolded, I landed to find, 50 members crew, 3 loaded equipment trucks, 3 ARRI 35mm’s, 8 Land Cruisers, a 3Axis motion control system and a remote helicopter all shooting simultaneously! A project we exposed 250 rolls of 35mm film in! SilverGrey did all that and did it good! SilverGrey, thank you very much for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful journey.

Zaphiris Epaminondas, GSC, Athens, Greece, 2008


I have worked with Silver Grey on various productions back in 2013 with an outlook to work together in the future. I am delighted with the kindness and hospitality of the the company and entire crew. I enjoy getting back to Jeddah every time to shoot with the Silver Grey team, that makes me feel like home in Saudi Arabia.

Patryk Kizny, DOP, Poland, 2013

  • Ghadeer Zainy

    Executive Producer

  • Silvio Saadé


  • Rana Dabbour

    Costume Designer

  • Rania Kanawaty

    Casting Director